Banned for 2 weeks duo to MMR/Elo Boosting.

Hello! I just got an email saying I was banned for being booster o boost someone (Idk how it works tbh) I was silver for 2 seasons, and just the seaosn after 1600 games got to reach gold 5. Yet I was boosted? If I really wanted to get a boost, might as well get one for plat not borderline silver 1 with like the little warning I needed to play better or else I was going to get demoted... After the season ended I have played only Gp (Which is my most played champ in terms of mastery), along with some Jayce, malphite and some other randoms champs but ironically no one of them have yellow KDA and if you watch my replays It looks like Im trolling in lane bc most of them time I dont even see the map and get destroyed. That's my OPGG. You can roast me, do w/e. But even then, how am I being boosted still? I have been always switching roles but only this preseason I have playing top and only top. Except my flex games where I play w/e I want (no trolling obviously)
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