I got banned for flaming the flamer, not even chat restriction. I just got the ban ( confused )

Okay idk what happened I need answers though, we had this gnar that was feeding and flaming the team in chat because he was dying in midlane. So I talked back a lot trying to keep him quiet. However at the end of the game, I got instabanned and nothing happened to the gnar. I can show u my chat logs and it looks lime im toxic, Im not denying it, I was toxict that match because of the gnar however why was I instabanned from just 1 report. Game 1 Pre-Game GayS3x: top GayS3x: wth we cant have 2 supports GayS3x: ill j g fiora GayS3x: ill jg fiora In-Game GayS3x: mf is adc? GayS3x: is mf here GayS3x: nvm GayS3x: ty GayS3x: no u didnt GayS3x: oh nvm GayS3x: wtf do u want me to do GayS3x: you just suck GayS3x: you fed mid already GayS3x: im lvl 3 GayS3x: wth GayS3x: not even 5 minutes GayS3x: and u need help GayS3x: and u blame me for your deaths GayS3x: typical noob GayS3x: gnar is blaming me for his deaths because im not helping GayS3x: makes sense GayS3x: youve been spamming me at the 1st minute GayS3x: so ofc I cant lvl up GayS3x: yi GayS3x: is right there GayS3x: once again gnar flaming me because im doing "nothing" GayS3x: gnar stfu youre not helping us in anyway GayS3x: can u just leave the game GayS3x: okay so stfu GayS3x: no one on this team likes you GayS3x: lmao GayS3x: im honestly gunna try to get a good k/d/a GayS3x: idc about winning GayS3x: a GayS3x: the gnar is butthurt and flaming us all GayS3x: hf on 2 week ban GayS3x: just mute gnar GayS3x: annoying af GayS3x: we are reporting you GayS3x: not a threat GayS3x: so stfu if u dont GayS3x: report gnar for being racist feeding and flaming GayS3x: you were feeding since the 1st minute GayS3x: gj GayS3x: ][ GayS3x: he was feeding and blaming me because I didnt help GayS3x: he was pinging me since lvl 2 GayS3x: stfu gnar GayS3x: its 9 reports GayS3x: hf on ban GayS3x: go back to kg and learn some english GayS3x: lmao and youre already going to get banned GayS3x: pathetic GayS3x: hmm GayS3x: blitz is the support GayS3x: supports dont go for kills Post-Game GayS3x: hf on ban GayS3x: okay bye GayS3x: you gotta make another acc GayS3x: so stfu GayS3x: if you dont care GayS3x: stop talking GayS3x: okay that means you care GayS3x: simple. GayS3x: talking in caps doesn't make you superior GayS3x: it makes you look stupid GayS3x: make you what? GayS3x: how stupid can people get GayS3x: I suggest getting some help from riot support GayS3x: theyre available at 9pm eastern
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