I Keep Losing Faith in Riot's Automated Punishment System

Tonight was an interesting experience while I was playing ranked Twisted Treeline. I was harassed by a duo group on my team and by someone on the enemy team who was on my team in a previous game and kept flaming me and the other teammate. They were doing the duo jungle->laning strategy, but they spent their time coming to my lane and denying me my own minions, and then following me into the jungle when I went to farm there as well. They verbally harassed me, saying they were video recording me for not listening to their commands and for not doing as they say. Then, the person who I had on my team previously was shit talking me in all chat because I was laning against them, and the duo group on my team recruited that enemy team member so all 3 could shit on me in chat. They called me retarded, they rallied for reports in all chat with "5x this guy", they said "we will post video for 300k players to report you" and "i worked for riot before, i can ensure you will be punished", "we are league community, doing our job to peel out toxic", "you will lose all your season rewards because of our reports". I reported them for it. I expected an Instant Feedback alert saying that someone I had reported was punished. A window came up afterwards, but it was not a Feedback alert congratulating me; it was a reform card for me, stating that I had been chat restricted for 10 games, and cited only that last game. I really don't get it. I was an Honor level 5 player (until this punishment). I often congratulate teammates for good plays, I shotcall in game to guide my team to victory, I get an honor almost every game, and I get punished for interacting with unpunished bullies and flamers. I'll post my chat logs with my recreation of what the others were saying, but it would be super helpful if a Rioter could post the complete chat logs. I'd also appreciate an Arbiter to shed some light on why my one instance was worthy of a punishment, but the others involved weren't punished. Ezreal = enemy team Taric + Yasuo = my teammates Jax = me Game 1 [CHAMP SELECT] Jax: jungling Taric: we already have jungle don't take smite Jax: ok then Yasuo: zzz jax troll pick.. [IN-GAME] (I've already reached top lane) Taric: Jax go bot Yasuo: go bot Yasuo: go fucking bot (I don't move but they max out their pings onto me. They are doing duo jungle+lane strategy, but they refuse to use bot lane as their supplementary lane) Yasuo: I am recording video to report you Taric: Just report after Lordnewb: you're recording video of you harassing me, good idea (Enemy Ezreal kills me with auto attacking during my dodge) [All] Lordnewb: ? [All] Lordnewb: through the dodge? [All] Ezreal: You can't dodge E W [All] Lordnewb: but it was Q auto that killed [All] Ezreal: thats cool [All] Lordnewb: i like game bugs [All] Ezreal: i like excuses [All] Lordnewb: yes because intended game mechanics are excuses (The duo come to my lane and take every minion because they have double relic shield. I let them have the next wave and I move to golems. They come to golem camp after i kill the small one) Taric: jax no Taric: look he is starting [the golem camp] (Yasuo smites large golem from me) Taric: thnx Lordnewb: thanks for the torll [All] Ezreal: jax afk? [All] Lordnewb: just jungling [All] Lordnewb: and having them take the large monster from me [All] Ezreal: cant handle ezreal lane? Lordnewb: not [All] Lordnewb: not when they leech exp and farm from me [All] Ezreal: sounds like mad [All] Ezreal: ;) [All] Lordnewb: no? [All] Lordnewb: you asked and i answered [All] Ezreal: you seem mad [All] Lordnewb: things arent as they seem [All] Ezreal: you are definitely mad [All] Lordnewb: you're misunderstanding confusion for anger [All] Lordnewb: human emotions arent that complex [All] Ezreal: you dont understand? [All] Lordnewb: plain english [All] Ezreal: plain tard [All] Lordnewb: wtf you dont understand? (Taric and Yasuo are working on both lanes of minions. I leave base and start farming jungle camps) Taric: jax? Lordnewb: hi Yasuo: he is trolling [All] Ezreal: jax taking jungle camps, they are carrying your ass and they could carry you harder if you would give them that gold [All] Ezreal: 5x him he is trolling [All] Lordnewb: tbh your trolling is kinda pathetic [All] Lordnewb: and desperate [All] Lordnewb: it was funny at first, but now it's saddening to see (Ezreal's team is aced by Taric and Yasuo alone) [All] Ezreal: wtf is that [All] Lordnewb: sounds like mad [All] Ezreal: shhh you are being carried [All] Lordnewb: so? [All] Ezreal: all you're doing is farming jungle, yasuo needs that gold [All] Lordnewb: but he doesnt need to because your play is deficient as it is (Ezreal's team is aced by Taric and Yasuo alone yet again) [All] Ezreal: rofl what is that [All] Lordnewb: you getting shit on [All] Ezreal: 5x this jax [All] Lordnewb: you wouldnt even know what to report me for [All] Ezreal: for being too gay [All] Ezreal: and not in homo way [All] Lordnewb: so you're homophobic Taric: why are you trolling and taking jungle camps Lordnewb: maybe because there are no minions [All] Ezreal: my ex gf was bi [All] Ezreal: and i heard your mom is bi...is she my ex??? [All] Lordnewb: yes she is [All] Lordnewb: i heard you treated her nice [All] Lordnewb: gave her a good fucking all the time [All] Ezreal: no that didn't happen [All] Lordnewb: oh that must be why she broke up with you. no sex and tiny penis [All] Ezreal: no [All] Lordnewb: yes [All] Lordnewb: heard she went for that black dick [All] Ezreal: no i broke up with her because i gave her a retarded child [All] Lordnewb: ohhhh i got those genes from you [All] Lordnewb: amazing [All] Lordnewb: surprised you understand that (Taric and Yasuo die in a 2v3 team fight, they spam ping me while i'm moving through jungle) Yasuo: look at him he is just trolling 5x him Yasuo: stop trolling my jungle Taric: he is trolling look at him Yasuo: jax i am recording you Taric: he has been waiting for this moment for us to die [All] Taric: 5x jax he is trolling [All] Yasuo: he is spamming Taric respawn in 35s [All] Yasuo: waiting for us to die [All] Lordnewb: i like lying duo queuers [All] Lordnewb: dare to not listen to them and they threaten false reports Taric: dont worry he will stay gold forever Yasuo: he need us to carry Taric: you are bad stop trolling and end this Lordnewb: you act as though i would do this in any game Lordnewb: you got all buttmad when i didnt go bot lane (Taric and Yasuo win another team fight) [All] Ezreal: how is that even possible [All] Lordnewb: it's an excuse ezreal [All] Lordnewb: you love excuses dont you? [All] Ezreal: lmfao [All] Lordnewb: you know its true [All] Ezreal: dude you're legit trash [All] Lordnewb: dude you're legit trash [All] Lordnewb: you're losing a 3v2 [All] Ezreal: I won my part [All] Lordnewb: "won" [All] Ezreal: you are just bad, get carried Taric: jax trolling Yasuo: 5x him, he will be banned Yasuo: he is useless [All] Yasuo: hey 5x jax to ban him [All] Ezreal: im okay with that [All] Ezreal: he is trash [All] Taric: please 5x the troll Taric: he has no farm and no kills Taric: come on lets end Lordnewb: i would cooperate if you two werent such assholes Lordnewb: so dont be a dick? Lordnewb: like Lordnewb: you were a dick since champ select Lordnewb: how dare i not listen to every command of yours Taric: we told you to go bot lane Taric: and you said no Lordnewb: i didnt say anything Lordnewb: i just went to top Lordnewb: w/o saying anything Taric: thats even worse Lordnewb: no what's worse Lordnewb: is threatening false reports Lordnewb: because someone didnt listen to you Lordnewb: following them around stealing large monsters Yasuo: you are making us behind Lordnewb: but you're the ones actively putting me behind Lordnewb: you kept coming to my lane to farm Lordnewb: and stealing junglec amps from me after i would let you have minions Lordnewb: you've treated me like shit all game Lordnewb: and you wonder why im doing this??? (not team fighting with them) [END GAME LOBBY] Yasuo: I have video, you will lose season rewards Yasuo: we are league community, doing part to peel toxic Lordnewb: you are the toxic ones Lordnewb: i minded my own business and you couldnt even leave me alone in a game Yasuo: you will lose season rewards because you troll Yasuo: I worked at riot 4 years ago, and can make sure you get bann Lordnewb: false reports dont work Yasuo: 300k player will report you after watch video on stream Yasuo: you areon stream Lordnewb: lol post your stream link then Yasuo: <posts a douyutv link or something, full asian streaming site> The game was won 15/5, I knew I didn't need to team fight with them because they were going to win it anyways. The enemy team had an AFK, so it was essentially a 2v2 with those two going at it with the enemy. I got an A+ grade with my performance as well, so there wasn't any truth to the accusation of me "trolling them by not trying" if I'm getting an A+ grade. Yeah, I'm kinda mad I got punished for this. I've been a consistently neutral, if not GOOD behavior player, and I have this game of talking back to a toxic troll duo and bantering in all chat with someone specifically targeting me. ONE GAME. And then you have these people who use hate speech, rally for reports in all chat, CLAIM TO HAVE WORKED FOR RIOT AND CLAIMING EMPLOYEE PRIVILEGE AND INTERFERENCE INTO BEHAVIOR SYSTEMS, and trolling via gameplay, and they don't get punished after "one game" of that behavior? I'd be less mad if I got a popup also stating that they were punished too, but I didn't get one. It's like 3 schoolyard bullies ganging up on someone, and that someone fights back, but the victim is the only one who gets punished because they fought back but the instigators get off free for doing worse. I know Riot has said that retaliation is an offense, but goddamnit, instigation + harassment + rallying + verbal abuse + in-game trolling + employee impersonation isnt? Riot even says that there needs to be a trend of negative behavior to warrant a punishment, but I lose FOUR levels of honor from ONE game of retaliating against 3 players, 2 of which were my only teammates and my interactions with them did not have collateral damage on passive bystander players. This is why the Instant Feedback System does not have the faith of so many players. Please Riot, come explain this situation, explain why players like me, who are overwhelmingly neutral or good, get the punishment hammer for one off-game but players who engage in targeted flaming and hate speech and intentional feeding are allowed to go on STREAKS of that behavior before they see any punishment, if any at all??? If need be, post full chat log of whole match cuz it was only us 4 involved in chat, and show the hate speech + targeted flame that wasn't punished.
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