/REMAKE is here! (4v5)

Play games that matter with /remake
Even if the occasional stomp feels great, every game of League should feel hard-fought and competitive on both sides. With that in mind, /remake lets you mash the eject button at the beginning of a 4v5 game, ending the match consequence-free, and allowing everyone to move on to a more equitable rumble.
Good to see that there is some forward motion on resolving this sort of issue. Only item I wish there was more clarification and research presented on is why the 3 minute mark and not during other parts of the match. "Match Integrity" is used to describe the reason why and personally would like more info on why this was decision or what limitations affected the decision. I have been in plenty of games where a player DC's partway through a game around the 10-20 minute mark and you either surrender or deal with an incurred loss while still losing the game. I think its a step in the right direction but still not the desired solution.

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