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Wait what?!? A person with tyler1 in their name posting about toxicity!!! Who woulda thought! Now hang on for a second. I think that I have a fairly new idea. Let me start with a bit of background. I am a toxic player. I always have been. Back in around season 3/4 was probably the most toxic i ever was. Season 5 was a huge milestone as I wasn't penalized once. I enjoyed seeing those messages saying something along the lines of: "your toxicity level has dropped" from rito. Season 6 I also continued that trend. Season 7 I was pretty good, but the last month or two I have had a couple restrictions culminating in a 2 week ban that I am currently serving. Let me say that I am not here to contest the ban. It was deserved. However, I bring this up, because during the duration of my 2 week ban I have devised a way to stave off toxicity. Now, this method is probably morally wrong, and I am sure that Riot would not condone this behavior, but I think it might legitimately help people stay positive. I am currently living in Spain for a year, so I created an EU account, but I prefer playing on my NA account (albeit with 130 ping). After my NA account was restricted, I implemented my new tactic, played on my EU account and recently achieved honor levle 4 (the highest I have ever achieved :) ) Now, on to the tactic. I created a brand new account and I used that as my flame account. Whenever I became incredibly tilted I went onto that account played a bot game and absolutely flame the hell out of everyone for no reason at all. Now, I know some of you may think that this is no better than flaming on my main account. HOWEVER. The flame on my tox account is not normal flame. The flame isn't triggered by anything that happens. It is simply me deciding even before I log onto the account that I am going to flame the ever loving crap out of my team. And when I say flame, I mean it. I flame until I feel bad about myself for flaming these innocent bystanders. And then I keep flaming until the game ends. I end up flaming so hard and feeling so bad about flaming them for no reason, that it only takes a game for me to get it out of my system for a month. I would be happy to answer any and all questions. Let me know if you need any clarification. I hope I made my points clearly. Cheers
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