Yes another perma ban for using bad words

Yea,Yea i know i shouldn´t use hate speech but when i got troll in my team who flames feeds never helps and such. I know no one should be toxic but when there are 2 toxic people at least ban both of them many times this happend someone is troll he feeds he ruins the whole game you write in chat yea let´s just report this troll at the end of the game you say BG and you are banned... I never wanted to swear or be toxic but when someone talk trash about my family and he doesn´t even know who i am in real life that just makes me angry so i give it back but not like on family or something. I just used like 3 bad words and i got insta banned. Ok i used bad words but why is in a ban list this : Jg , I´m jg he is bot , jayce is bot , def mid and i go bot , worthy opponent , it was an honor , bg , we engage and you stay behind , bot can you ward my red please ? , maybe ping ? , gl hf.... many words that i used was just a normal words or some tactics. Last time i got banned for 14 days there was words like ok i´ll help you learn supp , just help our team and don´t steal kills and farm.... Well that´s all i got for this discussion i don´t have copy of a last ban but i got copy of this ban and i must say that i was toxic but other were toxic too and used hate speech too. Game 1 Pre-Game Jack18SVK: jg Jack18SVK: jg Jack18SVK: jg Jack18SVK: jg Jack18SVK: jg Jack18SVK: jg Jack18SVK: j Jack18SVK: jg Jack18SVK: i m jg Jack18SVK: here i wrote the name of the player who was adc in that game (the jayce) Jack18SVK: is adc Jack18SVK: gl hf In-Game Jack18SVK: bot can you ward my red pls ? Jack18SVK: KYS nami Jack18SVK: and bot maybe ping Jack18SVK: ? Jack18SVK: report lux Jack18SVK: you are so retarded it hurts Jack18SVK: we engage u stand behind Jack18SVK: and then you jump in fight when i m out of it Jack18SVK: u killed us Jack18SVK: idiot Jack18SVK: REPORT JAYCE Jack18SVK: kys kys kys Jack18SVK: delete this game Jack18SVK: right now Jack18SVK: leave and delete Jack18SVK: moron Jack18SVK: ruining game Jack18SVK: def mid i go bott Jack18SVK: DEF MEANS STAY UNDER TURRET AND DON´T ENGEGE LIKE AN IDIOT Jack18SVK: bg Jack18SVK: report this team So as you can see i was toxic but i had reason for that. So for everyone who is reading this and you are not banned don´t use words starting on k as you can see in my chat log that´s insta ban word and don´t use chat at all just play and ping for that you can´t get banned. And another advice try to delete in key menu the chat log key so you can´t even open it that will help for sure. Ok that´s all from me thank you for reading don´t use chat have a nice day and no more trolls in league bye. (PS: pardon my french :D).
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