so im in game and im getting harassed to the end of the earth by the bot lane, NOW IM BANNED FOR SAYING SOMETHING BACK? This is probably the best example of riots great system at work cause go through my ban. yeah i told jinx to go fuck herself, but i was getting consistently harassed and the bot lane was relentless on making sure the game would be unenjoyable. BUT YEAH GIVE ME THE BAN RIOT CAUSE THESE GUYS ARE BEING TOXIC TO ME, ITS LITERALLY FUCKING HILARIOUS. anf btw people, bans are almost never lifted cause to good ol riot they think as long as there is reason to give someone a ban than why lift it? no reason for this to be something that is allowed when people are allowed to be toxic but youre not allowed to say something back to them. I did nothing wrong and they created an enviroment where i felt the need to tell them off. "why didnt you mute them" "you shouldve controlled your temper" why in gods name am i the one who has to take the high road when these people are sitting down in low elo being toxic assholes. gj riot im glad you promote the ability to create a toxic environment but not being able to reciprocate toxicity to the ones who originally shouldve been punished.
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