Unfair permaban. Refund possible?

So.. I was playing one of my first games as yasuo. And up until the first time I said "I've been ganked how many times now ugh" is when our jungler started going ham and telling me im bad, and everything's my fault, and etc. Everyone else also started ganging up on me on everything I said or did, etc. That i was only good as a shield. So you can imagine your entire team and the enemy team having full on discussions about how bad you are while the yasuo on the other team is so much better. I would get random pings and "there goes yasuo bot", "get him", etc etc. It was quite confusing and annoying. To the point where I just didn't want to play anymore, the team was so toxic. but I still trumped through, and continued farming minons and pushing bot lane while everyone was mid. Where I would get another round of criticism for going bot lane, another round of your useless blah blah. The jungler then googles my stats and starts saying all these horrible things about how I only have a 22% win rate etc I suck. So then the game ends and everyone on my team reports me- convinced by the jungler. These people are actually horrible, like I have never seen such despicable people in my life with such horrible bullying attitudes. Anyways, somehow I got a perma ban. And it was only two days ago I think that I spent $20 for a new skin. I was wondering if there was any way to get that money back- cause i feel i absolutely did not deserve this. These people were 100% out to get me and as per riot's algorithm it looks like they succeeded. chat log (from my side) Game 1 Pre-Game The 13th: mid In-Game The 13th: tilted The 13th: dont The 13th: dont The 13th: ur bad The 13th: just stop The 13th: i been ganked how many times now ugh The 13th: have u The 13th: xactly The 13th: free mid then The 13th: when tf was i afk lol what the actualk The 13th: says the guy whos jg is camping for him The 13th: what a dumb idiot The 13th: suck my balls The 13th: two top and still no tower The 13th: suck it The 13th: afk (i didnt actually go afk here) The 13th: fk u g uys The 13th: nah fk this team The 13th: im done playing with them The 13th: done nothing but talk sht all game The 13th: fk u if u think ima keep playing (and yet i still did) The 13th: reported The 13th: u mean u have your jungle camp u The 13th: he came once.. literally The 13th: never said that The 13th: i quote said "i have been ganked like 6 times now" The 13th: and then voli went off The 13th: whole team went off on how im trash. The 13th: def a 4 man duo The 13th: ^ The 13th: its more than a bad game. its a toxic af team The 13th: see how voli is so out to get me. searching up my stats lmao The 13th: i dont think anyone does that The 13th: its actually one of my first times playing yas The 13th: i did The 13th: for.... ? The 13th: im reporting entire team except mord Post-Game The 13th: and im reporting u all The 13th: what u think The 13th: hmm The 13th: probably The 13th: thanks. yours too The 13th: u have literally nothing to report me for The 13th: have fun The 13th: how mad are u The 13th: lmao The 13th: ur obsessed The 13th: ty \\\ chat log from their side was something like: trash trash trash you suck yasuo the other yasuo is the good yasuo you did nothing there goes yasuo again bot im reporting you for afk (I wasnt) [all chat] this yasuo is r%%%%%ed [all chat] to be honest yasuo you are only good for throwing up a shield [all chat] if you leave ur getting a perma ban [all chat] your dad better work for riot [all chat] everyone report yasuo basically along the lines of that for 30 minutes. these people were like obssessed with antogonizing me but I felt that I remained pretty calm and neutral for the most part. I don't think people who are being bullied in game should just shut up and not say anything back. I wish I had screenshotted stuff during the game actually cause much worse things were said. So I'm thinking of quitting the game for good now, never looking back. But unfortunately I had just spent $20 like a day or two ago. I really wish that I hadn't. And I probably will never spend anything on this game again. But i was wondering if anyone had any luck getting their money back after a ban?
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