Why was my post removed?

I fail to understand why my response to https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/f/6heBIhQc/d/7BNeefLr?comment=0005 was removed. I don't care that it's been locked, it's about principle. My response was "He's also bringing it to the attention of people that may not have known about it, such as myself. The only reason I bring that up as relevent is that my brother, whom I love fucking dearly, is gay, and he hadn't seen it either. When I showed it to him to ask his opinion, he found it incredibly offensive. Even as just a 1-off. He his not the type to get offended easily. He and his boyfriend and friends, and myself use slurs as jokes all the time, he does not get upset about anything, but he did find it overall offensive." The removal of my comment was based on "Pornographic materials of any kind Real life depictions of gore, death, horifically violent acts, etc Content that represents sexually explicit acts Direct links to pictures or artist webpages that feature NSFW material" I broke none of those rules. I want clarification more than anything.
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