Unpopular Opinion: Empathy Towards the Toxic

"Woah you're toxic. Muted and reported" This above reply towards a rager and foul-language spammer may seem to be the wise way to deal with toxicity (if anything even Riot suggests to mute the people that are harrassing you instead of any further contact with them and to report them so the tribunal system can determine their fate). However, as a person who has went through emotional trauma myself and has been volunteering here and there since, it comes to me that most negativity does not come because 'they are bad' but instead that they need more love and care. The abused child has more chances of being an offender or another abuser, the traumatised are more prone to depression and emotional management. The partner doesnt walk away when his/her/zer other comes back in a bad mood and foul-mouthes, but to care about him and ask about what happened at work... The teammate should not mute their teammates when another teammates is in a bad mood, but to give care and raise positivity towards toxicity... In my opinion, negativity is just _frustrated positivity_ --- like the wise Greek philosopher has once said," No one desires evil", shouldnt that be our philosophy towards the toxic too? Shouldnt we see that they are people who are going / has went through rough times and is in a dire need of care? P.S.: In no way am I suggesting that they should not be punished. The abusive husband should be punished but, what Im suggesting is not to marginalize the punished, no one wishes to be a criminal if they have the choice (you may say some really did intend to commit the crimes but Id say that would be from some experiences in childhood, like the infamous Joker who 'just wants to see the world burn', isnt he the pinnacle of a traumatised survivor?). Same here that the atmosphere towards the toxic the flamer the troll should not be as militant or marginalizing as it is.
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