Riots messed up ban system

Riots messed up banning system So today (10-8-2019) I was permanently banned after a few days of my recent 2-week ban. After my 2 weeks, on my mother's grave, I swear to you I had reformed. The reason for my permaban was because I got in a game with two people that happened to began to troll after early game. Now, I understand that toxicity is a big deal and riot does not take it lightly but what I and im sure many other people feel is that they don't seem to understand that toxicity is a two-way street. Or at least in my case, where I began to say "gg this nasus is trolling" because of numerous deaths in toplane. Now I do understand that people have bad games, of course, I do too. However, it comes to a certain point where you die over and over again to the same mistakes where it becomes unbearable and you have to "flame" them. No matter who you are, whether its Tyler1 or Moe or TFblade when someone is trolling and putting your game and ability to have fun at risk you can't contain yourself. Some people release this through physical outbursts such as smashing keyboards, hitting walls, breaking mouses, and some such as myself prefer to get mad at the people wasting my time in the game. I know I'm most likely not going to get my account back but I want to help riot understand that before they start to permaban accounts they need to look more closely as to why people were flaming. Also, I don't really understand why flaming is a problem with people, the way I see it is that if someone is being toxic through chat but is completely fine playing the game getting objectives and doing their job JUST MUTE THEM. Help me a season 3 veteran of league of legends who have been playing more than 5 years say enough to riots unjust system of banning for toxicity when it is clearly not the problem. In conclusion, I was banned because I "flamed" people who ruined my game the game I dearly love by purposely feeding and inting and I want justice served to the real people who ruined that game not me who the person who was toxic to the feeders but the feeders themselves. If you don't believe me look at the game photage (ez adc, NA) of nasus and kai'sa. Riot Games, I stuck by you through Fortnite, Overwatch, and Apex legends etc. the least you could do is just overview my case
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