league of legend community is really toxic

i have been playing league of legends for 9 months now and i have realised out of all the online games i played (including call of duty and overwatch), this game has the most toxic community. every single game now a days i get flamed for low cs, loosing lane, not roaming well, etc. (keep in mind most of these games are draft pick). But ranked is a different story. it almost seems pointless climbing in ranked because the higher i go the more toxic it gets. i am currently in silver 1 and if the enemy gets first blood my teammate would either flame or give up. its become so bad that every game i have to /mute all which i hate doing because i want to communicate with my team. some to most of the flame is racial slurs or demotivating comments and if i report it nothng happens. its really sad sorry but i feel as if i needed to make this statement because nothing is being done about it
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