Toxic people/Racial slurs

Hey there. Ive been playing league for 3 years now (Sort of, My first account was created in 2016 and I forgot what password I had for it.) This isn't the point though. The point is the amount of toxic people getting away with their toxicity. I'll get to the racial slurs part in a minute. Anyways I had a game and I was mid. I was against a talon. I asked for some ganks from our jungle (the first toxic person.) He refused the whole game flaming me and basically saying I was shit. Anyways, Talon and I were even each with 3 kills and 3 deaths. I had to afk for a second to take care of my puppy and while I was gone talon split top and killed Irelia. The flaming got much worse despite me keeping a very difficult lane even. Long story short he snowballed and our jungle blamed me for the whole thing. We did end up winning since they surrendered. One thing that was quite funny to me was that our jungle said I couldn't do any damage because I was 1 level down from talon, I checked after game stats and our jungle had 4k damage. I added him to chirp him about this. He then flamed me for my rank (I don't play ranked) and insisted on a 1v1. I agreed. We both killed each other in the same life. He went on for no joke 3 minutes flaming me in chat. Saying I was so bad about 20 times (Impressive honestly. It was like a quarter of his vocabulary.) He was insanely toxic. This got me thinking. How is he not muted?!?! I was honestly so confused. I did report him for this and hope to see if something happens. I've had many reports go through in the past. I though more and it was odd because I havent had any go through in the last few weeks. Not only that I had 2 people in the same game use the n word (bypassing chat filters) multiple times. To me that's odd they haven't gone through. It also seems to me that there are more toxic people. Have any of you guys had an increase or is it just me? Honestly it's been discouraging me from playing. I just play for fun. I don't play ranked or anything like that. I'm nowhere close to good enough. It's just driving me insane these people aren't muted.
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