Whenever i dont play this game , the quality of my day greatly increase .

Not playing LoL has greatly increased the quality of my day . I dont know exactly by what means this game applies so much negativity on me , but what im sure of is that the gameplay itself is not enjoyable . The community isn't sportsmanlike and doesn't tolerate any play style that doesn't go their ways . The nature of the league gameplay is deeply associated with the followings feelings : Frustration ( by how unfair some games are , champs / matchmaking ) , Despair ( nearly impossible to comeback a team who caught the lead ) , Anger ( the constant need to roll face my opponent to have a chance to win ) , Craving ( Winning is addictive its just brain science , rolling on my opponent is also addictive , losing creates the motivation to play again and try to win ) . Riot , you should try to retire chat restrictions and bans to see where your game leads the players . If these rules were off , you would understand that this game mainly brings the worse of humans beings .

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