Is toxicity on the rise?

I know, I know, the League community is toxic as fuck already, that's the stereotype we all know and have heard since forever, but is it just me or are things getting worse lately? Like, I know everyone's got toxicity stories, but I actually only ever saw someone be toxic every... say 1 in 5-10 games. They stand out in memory and make them feel more frequent, but were never really that common. In the last week however, it really has been every game or two. Speaking completely without exageration, I've had multiple games where someone ragequits 5 minutes into the game in a row. I'm seeing someone on the team hard flaming someone else almost every game. The biggest indicator that something seems wrong is I'm getting instant feedback reports of someone I reported getting punished every second game. Like, instant feedback reports used to be a rare treat, a delightful reward I'd see _maybe_ once a month if I was lucky, but I am literally getting _multiple of them per day_. This seems insane to me. So am I just having the absolute worst luck that I am getting a sudden influx of trolls or just all around terrible people in my games? Or is something else going on? Like, I know this is the first event where you can get prestige points from participating in the Trials event, and I'm sure as shit getting worn down mentally from having to play way more games than I want to be playing per day just to get Prestige Eve, and so is that what's going on? Are people being mentally broken by the event grind? Or is it because of MSI? Viewership numbers for MSI are through the roof because NA did so much better than expected, so is everyone watching the pros and getting irritated that their teammates aren't at the pro level? Is high gold-low plat just an especially toxic area of the ladder? Is it just really shitty luck on my part? Seriously, I have no idea, but this is brutal and makes the game so much more of a miserable chore to play right now. Is anybody else noticing this or is it just me?
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