Inting or flamming what's worst ?

Since proofs of flamming are way more clear than proofs of Inting difficult in low elo. for exemple when a player is afk leaver buster will detect it directly and the player will get the punishement he deserves right way when it comes to inting it's more difficult in low elo cause it can be mistaken with just a proof of a player being just not skilled a the game in general, but still you end up loosing the game cause of that player with 0/20/0 KDA and if you ever get tilted and start flamming him you get the punishement because the proofs in general chat. even tho you reported him for inting but nothing will happen to this player. so since we can not flamme inting players or bad players expressing our deception because flamming is worst than inting. all i want to say is F**k you Riot games, fouk you, f you, ffffffffffffffffffffffff you riot. now i will only show love to riot not to players.
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