If You Are Losing Me The Match, Don't Tell Me How To Play

My biggest irritation right now for the last 20+ matches are cocky feeders who think they know the game better than everyone else. 3-1 a few matches ago with 4 feeding laners who all know what to do better than their Jungle, who is still positive despite the rest of his team feeding their asses off. If you know how to play, why am I stuck dealing with your 6-0-6 and 5-1-5 laners while you are 0-3 and 0-5? Every single match it's the same arrogant asshole mentality present from someone on my team. Seriously I'm fed up with the community in this game. When you are feeding your ass off, don't talk big like you are the best player on the team and try to shot call over the person who is doing better than you are. I'm going to leave the match without saying anything every single time because I'm not putting up with that crap even for a second. I'll take my L, take a break, come back later, and wait my 20 minutes instead of being stuck in a match with someone who thinks they know everything. I swear, there's nothing worse than playing with a team full of clowns making bad decision after bad decision, all while ignoring someone who is trying to salvage what's left to be accomplished in a match and steer things in the right direction. Just can't take it.
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