Right as I thought I was perma banned

I only have another chat restriction? I'm sitting at 3 months after my 2 week ban lifted, was arguing back with some toxic dude all game, got reported and chat restricted directly after that match. I feel lucky asfk... back when i got my 2 week ban an employee had said, one more report to go through for me is perma... Is it because I get honored every match and have been most honored at least 10 times? Has anyone else heard of getting extra chat restrictions after your 2 week ban and before your perma? Overall I'm actually a very sportsmanlike player until some loser calls me autistic and you know the rest. I just wanna argue back asking them to explain exactly what makes me bad, detail to detail. I was reported due to being a distraction to the game and just not shutting the fudge up.
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