This player says he doesn't get banned for griefing.

The summoner was playing Renekton in my game. Things went badly early and he started flaming our lux for not following. However lux was suffering from a lack of mana and wave being pushed into her so it was understandable why she couldn't follow. When he respawned he sold his items and bought a spellthiefs and filled the rest of his inventory with beads. He then brags about how he does this in 40% of his games. Where he acts nice in the chat and walks around to prevent afk and leavers. He danced around the enemy giving them kills, and aggravated my teammates and myself with his passive annoyance. Giving up early in the match as well. I hope a rioter sees this and bans him for unsportsmanlike like behavior. And please add a message from me too. 'Are you sure you can't get banned?' From All4Jhin, the J4 in his game.

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