Make a "troll" queue

I never play this game sober. I like to fuck around on Teemo and spam memes in the chat. When I play with other people who do the same stuff, nobody gets mad. The game is fun. Sometimes I get paired with people who take this game seriously. Like life-or-death seriously. Delusional bronze 3 players who think they're on the road to being the next Faker, mostly. When that happens, nobody has fun. I'm not having fun getting raged at by Faker Jr, or watching him ask the enemy team to report me because I died a few times in a videogame. Faker Jr isn't having any fun with a guy went support Teemo, is joking about Harambe in the all chat and doesn't particularly care if he gets killed. Neither of us is wrong. Both of us are paying customers. Both of us are just trying to enjoy the game in the way that's the most fun to each of us. Neither of us should be punished but more importantly, neither of us should ever cross paths. People who want to be serious should be paired with other people who want to be serious. People who want to show up intoxicated and play in the troll funhouse should be paired with other players who like playing in the troll funhouse. It's a win for players, and a win for Riot.
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