LoL-Themed Gameshow: We actually DO give away FREE RP! (Mods *PLEASE* Read)

Hello :D My name is Casino Owner / Casino Manager and I host an LoL-Themed Gameshow on Twitch! Recently, my other forum account was permabanned for posting about the show because it was _PRESUMED_ to be a "phishing scam." It was then reviewed and **UNBANNED** because it was determined that **WE DO INFACT GIVE AWAY FREE RP. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.** It has now been suspended for 7 days, AGAIN, because it is being presumed a "phishing scam." Oh, and **NO ACTUAL GAMBLING TAKES PLACE.** The show is called "League of Gambling" because it is GAMBLING THEMED. Viewers "wager" viewership points to get into games. They can also play "blackjack" and "slots" and other games in the chat to win more Viewer Points. Winners can also **CHOOSE** to risk an RP prize on a "Double or Nothing" but it is 100% voluntary- most winners simply choose to receive their RP prize right away. We've been doing this show for almost 4 months now... We've awarded over 750 individuals an RP code and EVERY SINGLE WINNER WILL VOUCH FOR US. Winners are posted on our Facebook within 48 hours from EVERY SHOW. We have had SEVERAL of the top players in the game on as Featured Guests, including former LCS player bigfatlp, and several players who are ranked #1 for their champion on We also have a current LCS player, alternate eNVy ADC, Nien, slated to appear on an upcoming show. **WE ARE NOT A SCAM. Please verify this.** I realize that it seems insane... but we are **TRULY 100% FREE** and we **ACTUALLY DO GIVE OUT FREE RP EVERY NIGHT.** We are not promoting a business. We are promoting a show. We do not make any profit whatsoever. Any money we bring in is from voluntary donations. We do not even have a Twitch partnership to receive ad revenue. Here are a few of the receipts from the RP that is given away: PLEASE STOP BANNING MY FORUM ACCOUNTS for **inaccurate reasons**. We are 100% legitimate. We do give away free RP every single night. It is not a scam in any way. **It does not cost anything.** I have personally spent nearly $10,000 on Riot Points to give away to the community to create this show... to play LoL and have fun. That's what we're all about. I have supported your company since Season 1, both morally and financially. Please do me this courtesy and verify that we are "as described." Thanks, Casino Owner / Casino Manager
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