How do you get honor back if everyone skips honors after a match ends?

So I just encountered a bot lane who had both honor 3 and honor 4 respectively. The {{champion:267}} was honor 4 and the {{champion:119}} was honor 3, both throughout the entire match however flamed one another repeatedly using curse words and being EXTREMELY toxic between one another, the {{champion:267}} even resorting to racial slurs with the n word used multiple times. I was playing {{champion:10}} top lane and just told them both to "Calm down and breathe" "we got this. :)" I've been honor 0 checkpoint 1 out of 3 for many many months now and I try to be as positive as possible in ever game I play. The game ended with a very deserved victory (nearly 30k objective damage for me with 10k tower damage) but when the game ended my entire team, who flamed one another all game, said no one on the team deserved honor, specifically the {{champion:267}} and {{champion:119}} both who flamed each other all game long... I just am curious how is it possible to gain honor if no one wants to honor at the end of the game, people just press skip and that's another game where I can't regain honor while being as honorable as I possibly can. I barely type every match and if I do it's to calm others down or to make strategic calls to my team. It's really annoying that I see people who do have honor 3 and 4 nevertheless flame people constantly throughout the match being some of the most toxic people I've met recently. They both got reported by me for using words they shouldn't have but it just honestly seems unfair. Thanks for any advice, Lust <3 {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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