Gaining Honor is Too Easy

If I understand the new Honor System correctly, people increase their Honor rank naturally over time, and actually getting Honored just speeds up that process. I try really hard to be sportsmanlike, and I think League would be a lot more enjoyable if more people did. Honor is supposed to give sportsmanlike players something to feel good about, but it seems like nearly everyone will wind up having a very high Honor level after playing enough games. The only way your Honor rank gets decreased (I think) is if you receive a chat restriction or something of that nature; not even a report has an impact. It seems to me like there are a huge number of players who don't get those kinds of punishments but also are not sportsmanlike by any stretch of the imagination, and making people's Honor rank naturally increase over time seems to lump them together with the truly sportsmanlike players. In my opinion, having higher Honor ranks (maybe 6 and 7) that are actually difficult to obtain and require Honors to remain in would feel much better.

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