Sometimes, ya gotta take the hit

So Funny League story that literally just happened Hop into a league game, just need that one more win to get into Silver 4, no biggie First thing I see is our Toplaner saying, and I quote 'Feeding mid this game' He then proceeds to ban our midlaners hover pick of Cass I just took the hit and told them 'I'll dodge this one guys, you all get outta dodge.' I legit got thank you's from all three of the other guys on the team, Minus the troll who I forget what he said... something antagonistic I think. Sadly, that was also my last game in my series and as such I lost my chance to go up, but I'd rather just take the hit and move on. Wish I could remember the trolls name too so I could send a support ticket in on him, but hey, 3 guys get outta dodge. So like the title says. Sometimes, ya gotta take the hit.
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