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EDIT: I do want to say I am not saying that a punishment isn't warranted. Its just that a permanent ban, over 1 game in which while yes "toxic" Is not on the level of "go kill yourself you brain dead epileptic moron " or some ridiculous shit like that. It isn't even " you are a fking piece of shit". It is rather mild, especially in the context of the entire team flaming me from minute 7 and calling for reports against me no matter what I say or do. The punishment should fit the crime. And this does not. So I have been trying to submit a support ticket but it wont go through. I want to contest the ban on my account. I was premanently banned because of a game in which my entire team is sitting there flaming me, and I am trying to defend myself and they are all asking for bans on me because I lost mid. Yes I got upset, but I don't believe anything I said is something to warent a perma ban. Yes I have been toxic in the past, and I know that puts me on a thin leash. But I have had five years of good behavior (I had two chat restrictions in that time) , these last three months have been very tough on me emotionally and I have been going through therapy to help me with mental issues in my real life. I understand that ban reversals are rare. And I am not asking for get out of jail free card, a 14 day ban and a tight rope, one last chance. But I want to talk about the context, where you have an entire team flaming you, telling you they are going to report you no matter what you say, or what you do, or how you try to explain it because they don't want to accept fault for dying to a gank. Its a very stressful environment where they have absoltuly ruined my gaming experince for blaming me for things out of my control. I did not tell them to go kill themselves, i did tell them im going to F their mother, or use the N word against them. I cussed, but almost all of it was not directed at them. For instance "god damn it' or "go into the fucking river" is different then "you god damn piece of shit i hope you go off yourself." Especially when I have had teammates tell me they hope my dog gets cancer and dies, and that i kill myself. This was a heated game, but I don't believe what was said justifies the punishment. Here is the in game chat log from my side. What it doesn't show is the incredible amount of flame from my team all game (Bot and Jung): > Game 1 > Almighty: ty > Almighty: lane is going to be hard to get my upgrades > Almighty: how many warnings do you ned > Almighty: god damn it > Almighty: oh > Almighty: shall i go into the fucking river > Almighty: with zero vision > Almighty: so he can just jump me??? > Almighty: aftyer you gave him a double > Almighty: when you had > Almighty: 15 seconds > Almighty: to back the fuck off > Almighty: you guys > Almighty: never back off > Almighty: holy shit > Almighty: you retards > Almighty: you had him on wards > Almighty: from mid > Almighty: to scuttle > Almighty: to bot > Almighty: and you didnt back off > Almighty: and you let him > Almighty: GOT TO TOWER > Almighty: GO TO TOWER > Almighty: I DONT RUN AS FAST AS HIm > Almighty: HE HAS > Almighty: A YOHMUS > Almighty: DUDE > Almighty: gj elise > Almighty: you ran into him > Almighty: missed E > Almighty: and then > Almighty: die > Almighty: kk > Almighty: Entire team flames me > Almighty: when they dont respect zed > Almighty: when i ping > Almighty: and they have wards > Almighty: anbd they miss skill shots > Almighty: and die to him > Almighty: amazing > Almighty: I CANT FOLLOW > Almighty: j4 came > Almighty: every time i did > Almighty: and held the wave > Almighty: retards > Almighty: you guys > Almighty: think you can win that fight > Almighty: amazing > Almighty: you guys > Almighty: have wards > Almighty: on all of them > Almighty: and you die > Almighty: to the ganks > Almighty: maybe > Almighty: you shouldnt play > Almighty: halfway into the lane > Almighty: and play at tower > Almighty: if its so pressured > Almighty: instead of feeding > Almighty: you have no ideah ot play > Almighty: bot lane > Almighty: amazing > Almighty: "hmm i am getting ganked 24/7" > Almighty: I should keep pushing!!! > Almighty: stay at tower > Almighty: if your so pressured > Almighty: so you dont die > Almighty: is that a hard concept for you > Almighty: stay at tower > Almighty: dont die to gank? > Almighty: gj feeding my lane > Almighty: 3 kills > Almighty: so he can tower dive > Almighty: over and over > Almighty: mny fault yes > Almighty: you die there > Almighty: my fault? > Almighty: my fault > Almighty: you die there > Almighty: yes? > Almighty: that my fault rumble? > Almighty: yes?? > Almighty: my fault elise??? > Almighty: yes? > Almighty: you die > Almighty: solo > Almighty: no wards > Almighty: my fault?? > Almighty: yeah > Almighty: then bot threw it > Almighty: :D > Almighty: by not backing off > Almighty: when i pinged > Almighty: the second he walked out of lane > Almighty: gj bot gj > Almighty: not backing off > Almighty: and losing the game > Almighty: Gj bot > Almighty: throwing the game > Almighty: Report mf please > Almighty: whole team hard core faliming me > Almighty: Because they can't back off when i ping the second zed walks out of lane > Almighty: and they keep pushing > Almighty: my fault > Almighty: you die??? > Almighty: my fault?? > Almighty: my fault > Almighty: was in lane all the time > Almighty: but you retards > Almighty: cant watch a minimap > Almighty: so i dont expect you to know that > Almighty: spends 5% of his time > Almighty: out of lane > Almighty: "NEVER IN LANE > Almighty: yall act > Almighty: like he was sitting in tri bush all game > Almighty: lol > Almighty: hard to play > Almighty: when you guys init > Almighty: 4 kills into zed > Almighty: when i am viktor > Almighty: after you gave him 3 > Almighty: funny > Almighty: he was 3-1 > Almighty: when he got first kil lon me > Almighty: my fault >
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