i want to know if that was really worthy of a punishement

Game 1 Pre-Game Potatoswagyolo: hey guys Potatoswagyolo: hello? In-Game Potatoswagyolo: oh that much hpo Potatoswagyolo: anyway im already tilted team is already super bitching Potatoswagyolo: i know you are inting Potatoswagyolo: because u bad Potatoswagyolo: but can you still try? Potatoswagyolo: can we get 9x report on qiyana (all chat) Potatoswagyolo: super toxic, inting and just saying to ff because of autofill (all chat) Potatoswagyolo: idk why you doing that tho? Potatoswagyolo: you didnt even told us you were autofilled Potatoswagyolo: until the game was starting Potatoswagyolo: yeah aafter we all picked Potatoswagyolo: fucking r%%%%% Potatoswagyolo: you know irelia is right Potatoswagyolo: dont worry we wont bully you Potatoswagyolo: so out of my 6 game today 5 afk/leaver Potatoswagyolo: one normal game Potatoswagyolo: i mean Potatoswagyolo: i played 3 game at the morning Potatoswagyolo: and then 3 game afternoon Potatoswagyolo: and then 3 game afternoon Potatoswagyolo: its saturday% Potatoswagyolo: ? Potatoswagyolo: i guess Post-Game Potatoswagyolo: but why not saying it? Potatoswagyolo: you are d4? Potatoswagyolo: im really curious tho Potatoswagyolo: you are diamond 4 and talking shit? so as you could have figured theres was a guy trolling all of us and being wayy more toxic towards us then me towards him because he got autofilled but never said he was until after the game started and proceeded to not play and flame the top who got stomp, but i guess me saying the word r%%%%% to the guy was punishable while hes not going to have anything in return? i deleted only the pregame for the sake of not getting into a argument because i said a certain champ sucked in soloQ and its irrelevant to the game
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