Why doesn't muting in-game also mute in lobby?

I can't stand when someone in-game tells me I'm bad just to throw me off. Like, c'mon. I know it doesn't matter, I know I'm doing well, I don't need to argue back, they're just trying to get in my head. So I've learned to mute them. However, I just had a 40 minute argument with some moron that I had muted telling me I should have gone AD instead of AP and that would have magically made us not lose a 4v5. Like, okay, I've got top dmg by over 20k, I told my team ahead of time I would go AP, instead of AD and the other guy would could build AD went AP. But the loss is my fault, best kda on the team, etc. Like I played my ass off but to add salt to the wound, this jackass that I had muted triggers me once we get into the lobby. To be clear, the majority of my team did well, it was mostly due to the afk that we lost. "Sorry your kaisa went AD, you guys should have won that." I don't even need to explain that to you (reader). I got so fucking annoyed that I went and did the math as to what his build and others would have been in the event that I went ad instead. Which I promise, AP kaisa in ARAM is way easier to play than ad when you're trash at ad and you play ap every game. Not to mention IT'S SOOOOO MUCH FUN. There would have been at most a 8% damage difference for my AP teammates because as everyone should know, resistances have diminishing returns and stacking mr doesn't really matter as much as people think it does. Even if it was 20%, it wouldn't have made the difference. But we can't even prove that because I was able to poke the enemy down as AP, and honestly I think the only reason the game went to 30 minutes was because I decided to go AP and was chunking the squishies for up to 993 dmg, getting two people low, ulting in and popping two squishies, snowballing to a minion and getting out. I don't even care about winning, I just want to have fun. But instead, I'm fuming and pissed off because fucking riot can't use their damn brains and mute people in lobby as well. I shouldn't have to deal with assholes if I click the mute button. Also, why the fuck, are certain phrases that are bannable if reported, not just auto censored, regardless of your censor settings.
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