Perma banned afer dealing with most toxic teammate

Game 1 Pre-Game OjSimpson699: perma In-Game OjSimpson699: urgot leave it OjSimpson699: back OjSimpson699: lost my blue cuz i was top... OjSimpson699: stop feeding OjSimpson699: farm OjSimpson699: 2 levels on you OjSimpson699: stfu and play OjSimpson699: report urgot inting and trolling OjSimpson699: this man gets tilted when i say play safe OjSimpson699: "Stfu and play" OjSimpson699: difference noob OjSimpson699: im not? OjSimpson699: ur still talking bout that... OjSimpson699: lol urgot OjSimpson699: please report lol OjSimpson699: you troll and say why OjSimpson699: ? im not even doing anything lol OjSimpson699: okay but like we all see he is complaining bout nothing OjSimpson699: report him now OjSimpson699: he dies twice and trolls lol OjSimpson699: i tell him dar has 2 lvls on him and to not feed and he gets butthurt, end of that OjSimpson699: k OjSimpson699: u can take blue all you want, im still keeping up with you OjSimpson699: lol dar OjSimpson699: ride him some more OjSimpson699: you need to uninstall when it comes down to it OjSimpson699: lol OjSimpson699: nub OjSimpson699: stop talking OjSimpson699: mute urg OjSimpson699: apparently i lost the game for my team OjSimpson699: right OjSimpson699: i rly did huh OjSimpson699: oh wow OjSimpson699: still outdmg you OjSimpson699: dragon pit OjSimpson699: report urgot Post-Game OjSimpson699: ur a troll OjSimpson699: gtfo
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