GG riot thanks

So let me get this straight... I can go into a game, harass teammates, make it to where my jungler cant play the game and have zero consequences. But if that person asks me to stop and gets frustrated, that person gets punished with a 24 game chat ban. Thanks Riot for proving once again that your system is flawed and you refuse to do anything about trolls. And then people report the person being trolled. I love it. So yay chat ban and more grief from people in this community. I love it so much. You make the climb impossible because you put decent players with these trolls and you refuse to help the little guy. PS: Yes I curse boo hoo. Game 1 In-Game Kumori86: chill the fuck out Kumori86: dude Kumori86: im behind the fuck Kumori86: youre an idiot Kumori86: for real though dude dont fuck your jg over i was going to give you the second one Kumori86: whats your problem Kumori86: report this karthas please hes putting me behind and trolling Kumori86: i asked you to stop dude youre not helping me by taking my farm. follow your lane Kumori86: farm your lane not put you jg behind Kumori86: im done muteed and reported Kumori86: im done afk Kumori86: i know your doing it to troll well you win have fun with your solo game dude Kumori86: trying dude but karthus is making this harder Kumori86: no mia no lane follow Kumori86: dude im trying to farm and be able to gank Kumori86: im just trying and kayle is saying im doing nothing. while watching karthus fuck mw Kumori86: please stop Kumori86: shes a good champ just bad start up Kumori86: sorry guys im really trying here but ive been made useless Kumori86: hey yeah so please report this karthus has been taking my farm since 3 min in game and wont stop Kumori86: i mean i could understand if you were carrying but youre not your just trolling Kumori86: he wont ff Kumori86: bg Post-Game Kumori86: ? Kumori86: oh Kumori86: gg lucian sorry we got trolled Kumori86: just sucks
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