Allow us to add a reason for us dodging

Just had to dodge obvious trolls, and there is no way to report it other than to go through the game with them. "Do you mind if I afk for the first 2 mins of the game" - support person "no he doesnt mind" "nah why would he" I was locked in as ezreal adc, enemy team had locked cait zilean as their bot lane I ask why queue if they cant play Immediately flamed by all 3 of the people (including the support who was going to afk) ... Obvious premade, no I am not cool with you afk'ing. I dodged because not going to waste 20+ mins with them when it is already going to be a loss before we even finish champ select. BUT I cannot report it, nothing happens to those players. I get a wait time before I can queue again. I get punished for not willing to play with them. And they are free to do this as much as they want (pretty sure they wanted to force the dodge because one got an off role). They won't get a report, they won't get punished. So I ask, when we select to dodge (clicking the X) please dodge the game and ask if we want to give a reason for the dodge. Make it work similar to reporting. Tired of this happening on a far more frequent basis than it should be.
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