what the heck, stop the injustice

Viewer discretion is advised. So i was playing league of legends as i usually don't really do, and i got on to enjoy a lovely afternoon with myself. anywho, i got into this game where this dude was making fun of my race, he was being racist, and he told me to kill myself. i was really upset like i was crying, and my doo rag even fell off my wave. btw rioter, wave check. anyways back to the issue it was a sunday morning, and approximately 5 A.M, i entered a game of ultra bud light haha just kidding, ultra rapid fire. anyways back to the report and ban. so i played a few games before this, completely toxic free and then i had to go and let the cat back in, because it was cold outside and i didn't want him to stay out overnight seeing as he is an indoor cat. but back to what matters, the ban. this ban happened like half a year ago, where i was banned for 14 whole days! unbelievable right? it was horrible, i couldn't play league of legends, i could only visit your sister site, lolhentai. it was an absolute depressing experience. i was very uposet anyways back to the most recent ban- Game 1 In-Game BurritoToGo: ty for the help BurritoToGo: prob could've won BurritoToGo: lmao BurritoToGo: yeah don't kill thats how you win BurritoToGo: sorry blitz i came top and killed them BurritoToGo: ty for the help BurritoToGo: lol BurritoToGo: jayce stop hitting them that's not the objective BurritoToGo: i dont even play BurritoToGo: fact BurritoToGo: he called me a jew hugger BurritoToGo: theres minions BurritoToGo: save it jayce BurritoToGo: there's people in that lane anyways BurritoToGo: fights aren't objective for winning BurritoToGo: idiot BurritoToGo: bro BurritoToGo: jayce needs the GA for 0 confrontation Post-Game BurritoToGo: kys **** BurritoToGo: die BurritoToGo: he called me a *** BurritoToGo: all game BurritoToGo: he said kys *** BurritoToGo: he knows BurritoToGo: he saw BurritoToGo: he said "at least some***** get fed" BurritoToGo: you called me BurritoToGo: and called me to die BurritoToGo: thank you bart BurritoToGo: he is tho BurritoToGo: sad wittwle babwy BurritoToGo: at least he didn't call me a *i** BurritoToGo: hueheuehue BurritoToGo: it's on captcha BurritoToGo: lol BurritoToGo: some advice BurritoToGo: fight BurritoToGo: you're telling me to kms? BurritoToGo: the gate of heaven? BurritoToGo: insta report banned BurritoToGo: ekko is fun in this BurritoToGo: he's busted BurritoToGo: aye lmao BurritoToGo: bart simpson is cool BurritoToGo: eat pant BurritoToGo: no BurritoToGo: you called us ****s and jew huggers why am i banned i do not get it, thank you riot, btw the name of my smurf is a loltyler1 anyways i hope this was funny to you and at least before you swiftly execute any trace of my existence have a goodnight and god bless
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