Seriously this games players are terrible

i just played a game of ww jungle and yes i had a very bad game of going 4 and 8 ill admit i sucked that game but is that an excuse for people to go on and harass me all game long and even to the point of saying to euthanise me and make fun of me saying i'm autistic and making fun of my spelling because i have dyslexia that's what this game has come to. yes i reported these players but i don't even think anything will happen because i never see it getting any better this is the first time in 3 years playing this game i have just said screw it i give up my team was so toxic to me i just gave up i always at least try but i just couldn't with these three people joining together to belittle me and demoralize me to this point and even went to death threats. these people will more then likely go unpunished for their actions just casue that's how i feel at this point nothing has changed only gotten worse
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