So a friend got me banned because he jokingly reported me

(Desperate post to get riot to unban me quicker) He reported me as a joke cuz "haha imagine if you actually got banned xD" and then I got banned for 14 days for telling him "kys" and "actually neck yourself". So I'm sort of hoping a rioter sees this here cuz I wanna rank during the weekend but last time they resolved my ticket was 4 days after it was made. For those of you that are gonna say "ok but what about the rest of the team, what if they didn't know it was a joke and they got offended :(" we made it clear that we were premades and that we were just banting to each other and we all had a good game, but I still got banned for 14 days over 2 words with no previous punishments or warnings. That's 0 punishments after playing for more than a year, I'm nice af.
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