My monthly post about disgusting club tags

I'll keep it concise, I've made my point enough in previous posts. Its not a hard one to explain. I CONSTANTLY see club tags with homophobic, racist, culturally insensitive, and hateful connotations. Probably in about 3-4 out of every 10 games, someone's got an offensive club tag. Pick a condemnable word, and I've seen it used as a club tag in one way or another. If riot claims they have a zero tolerance stance on these types of behavior in chat, and in summoner names - why is it allowed in club tags? Futhermore, why do I have no option to report it in-game? I have to resort to using a third party screenshot app and navigate through an entire (poorly designed) support website to get things taken care of, and even then I get copy/paste generic responses and no guarantee anyone did anything about it. Also, riot needs to step up their game as far as summoner name and club tag filtering. Its not hard to prevent things like N!gger and fa g0t. I'm a 400-level computer science student and I know how to do it, so I'd hope that professional game designers would have the same or better knowledge.
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