This is why we shouldn't allow parties above 2 people in ranked matches: Okay, so champion select opens and i call the "support" role. The group of 4 inform me that they are in a party and they would prefer if i don't play Bard but i will be honest, i said " I don't care what you prefer, i want to play Bard as a support". Long story short, the team of 4 would not stop harassing me this game, and it got so bad to the point where we are at the nexus, at the last few hits for a victory and the party of 4 (on my team) all vote yes to surrender and we lose the game. I pray that parties of no bigger than 2 will ever be allowed into ranked. When we got to the end game screen the enemy team was confused as fuck, and they asked why. The justification? Because "bard didn't build Sightstone" This happened in normal games, so it didn't affect me greatly. But jesus christ that's ridiculous!
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