Player Talking About Deceased Parents

This wasn't in good taste at all. So, someone made a joke about another's parents. They said their parents were dead and the other person continued to go off about joking about the death of those parents. Saying things like, "You parents need life force for me" or how "You should've done more for your parents". Or "Too bad your parents are dead" and to top it off "I hope you out live them". Is this grounds for permanent termination? Doesn't matter HOW upset you are at a game, how low do you have to be to talk about someone's parents like that? If I said something about someone's mom (in a joking matter. I'd NEVER bring parents up in a video game) and they said she was dead, I would feel SO bad. How could you continue to go on making joke's about someone's dead parents? I didn't screenshot anything from the game, but I was absolutely disgusted by such behavior. I reported it, but I don't feel like that player will get what he deserves. He doesn't deserve to play this game.
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