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A Call for Removal of League Chat in non premades. (people cant handle any criticism) *Yes I got a 14 day suspension* for having a similar, non flaming but criticizing in chat. So, a MF is flaming top, and abandoning bot lane. Complaining constantly, and I say this: (The messed up part is they only show one side of the chat) I literally cannot understand why this game is so censored, and what you got chat punished for is pathetic. This game is so full of care bear, I feel like I am attending Los Angeles Area Elementary school. ***Perma Banned*** Can someone tell me why that is deserved perma ban? (lvl 300 account) Game 1 Pre-Game PaperTyga: jg PaperTyga: 5th lobby a charm In-Game PaperTyga: leash plz PaperTyga: had to afk 2 mins for phone PaperTyga: i fell behind too lol -'mid pinged for assistance' mord had 5 kills already' PaperTyga: i cant i gotta shut down this mord -as I come to help teemo PaperTyga: dont push him out -shutdown mord for 1k, and 5 mins later.... PaperTyga: fed him much teemo? Teemo "I only died 5 times" PaperTyga: and 60 cs PaperTyga: so thats 10 waves PaperTyga: so really its 9 deaths gold equiv "sej starts taking jg camps while losing turret(s) in bot lane PaperTyga: now sej taking jg lol "agreeing with MF" PaperTyga: what a troll -MF wants to FF here and explains why we should PaperTyga: cause you throwing it PaperTyga: stay in your lane nub MF "WAAAH MORD IS SO FED" PaperTyga: your point ? we could still group him "this is where MF starts to run down mid to int" PaperTyga: reporting mf "She is complaining her bot is fed" PaperTyga: thats your fault PaperTyga: reporting mf inting and giving up griefing -She blames loss of game on Teemo PaperTyga: stfu you the one throwing game PaperTyga: you intentionally fed just there PaperTyga: youve been afking PaperTyga: you dont stay in bot PaperTyga: you screwed brands lane xp (she switched to mid lane, stole brand cs, and xp at minute 7?) PaperTyga: who is the only other player on team MF "I cant cs I only have 200k mastery on MF and the other MF has 1 million, and "sejuani messing up my CS" PaperTyga: get better -More flaming of the teemo, who had same record as MF at the time. PaperTyga: you are 0/6 with MF -continued to flame switched to caps make sure she can read it PaperTyga: SRIOUSLY MF 0/6 PaperTyga: dont even say shit bout teemo PaperTyga: atleast he had op champ to play vs (mordekaiser) PaperTyga: you played vs mundo as supp PaperTyga: cry more PaperTyga: OOOO NO PaperTyga: same record as you PaperTyga: and hes not crying in chat "MF excusing herself from feeding and afking because of opponents mastery" PaperTyga: exactly mastery dont mean shit this is my 2nd time vi -Beginning of a comeback. PaperTyga: see ez PaperTyga: kill 4 no deaths for us -She starts whining again about teemo PaperTyga: omg cry less seriously maybe you can get off tilt PaperTyga: death timers getting 30s+ PaperTyga: stop making excuses to throw the game PaperTyga: you only build that when you are good at mf -She rushed ghostblade first..... PaperTyga: teemo throwing -Teemo afk'd last 5 mins. Post-Game PaperTyga: legit plz report MF/TEEMO/Sejuani PaperTyga: MF int'd and griefed, while flaming PaperTyga: teemo afk'd auto'ing minions and died multiple times PaperTyga: and sejuani wouldnt play as 'supp'
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