Punishment resetting to 0 question.

So I had x25 chat restrictions almost 7 months ago. Since then I'm dishonored and stuff. But I recently realized I got my punishments reset to 0, after I got a 10 games chat restrictions for telling a draven to go to hell after abusing me. My point is not the punishment. It's something else. Since my punishments were reset to 0, since then I feel as if my reports have 0 weight anymore. There were cases of huge verbal abuse towards me, none-stop grief or just simply people intentionally feeds. I am aint going to speak about the guy who sexually abused me whole match. I keep reporting and I never get a message that the person is punishing, while before my ban reset I had the notification like every day at least twice. My question, is the notification just removed or is my report really 0 weight after the punishment reset? And why is it possible to stay dishonored for 7 months while somehow managing to be worthy to get your bans reset? (Im not writing from my currently active accounts cause I do not wish to get bullied by people of the forum, as it happened before while I used my main account to write here.)
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