Riot you need to read this or your community will fall apart

Riot take a few minutes to read my message and by gods you wont regret it. It has come to my attention that there have been severely game breaking moments since the dawn of League, but there are just some unjust things in the system and core part and base of the players. I understand that being a developer and monitoring every single thing is not quite easy, but having undetermined mods and mediocre developers is one of your biggest problem. There have been constant griefing and gameplay butchering from toxic players and lately bots running on farms and it is NOTICEABLE. I myself and my girlfriend enjoy some competition, but when people play a match just to ruin the whole run seems like its not even our fault at this point if we start screwing up the game. Yes, there are some unbalanced things, yes there are some things that need to be fixed all the time like bugs and scripts, but mainly, I've noticed that the developers don't give a damn about the negativity from those players and lost hours we, the players put in the game because of negative players that love to get in, either not knowing what the hell they're doing or simply ruining with the ENTIRE matches and avoid helping at ALL. I was on my way to gold and not just one game, not just two games on silver, BUT ABOUT ALMOST EVERY MATCH I PLAYED LOWERED ME TO BRONZE TWO. WITH ALL THE ENTHUSIASM I HAD ABOUT CLIMBING, I JUST DON'T SEE WHY I EVEN WANT TO BOTHER AT THIS POINT. PEOPLE ARE DRIVING US TO DEMOTING OUR RANK THAT WE POUR HOURS AND HOURS ON SO THESE PEOPLE WHO DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THE GAME WITH BOTS AND NEGATIVE ATTITUDE DESTROY OUR PROGRESS. YOU AS GAME DEVELOPERS NEED TO HAVE AT LEAST A TEAM THAT FOCUSES ON THOSE WHO ARE TRULY SCRIPTING AND THE HORRID PLAYERS WHO RUN AROUND RUINING MATCHES UP, BECAUSE LETS FACE IT. NONE OF YOU CHECK THE REPORT FEEDS AT ALL AND THOSE WADS KEEP RUNNING LOOSE. IF RUNESCAPE, A MEDIOCRE LOOKING GAME WITH THE MOST WEIRDEST COMMUNITY EVER CAN KEEP AN EYE AND WORK ON AN ACTUAL PROGRAMS THAT NEUTRALIZE BOTS AND GRIEFERS, AND ACTUAL MODS HOVERING ON NEGATIVITY IN THEIR OWN GAME IN AN INSTANT, SO CAN YOU. UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR GAMER BASE TO GO DOWN AT ONE POINT, YOU BETTER GET YOUR PRIORITIES TOGETHER. Because let's face it. Worrying about every detail about a champion or little details is not gonna make the whole point of the gameplay any better. With all due respect, a gamer that cares and cares for the sportsmanlike players.
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