Keep your non-meta picks out of my ranked games!

We don't care if you went 100-0 in your last 10 games. We don't care if you saw Faker take Soraka jungle and went 12/3. We don't care if you're just a diamond 5 smurfing and know how to play Gangplank adc. We don't care if it's just 'preseason' and all ranks will get reset. We don't care if Gnar is a ranged ad champion don't play him bot or jungle. We don't care if you're a one trick Yasuo who played support a million times before. People in rank are tryharding myself included and would appreciate it if you played by the meta. Dear one tricks please be considerate of your teams comp for example: You're the last pick and everyone on your team is squishy and we need a solid tank to engage and peel don't instalock Riven please and help your team composition. Sincerely, A frustrated ranked normie. Edit 1: I don't have a problem with off meta picks that actually work well and eventually became meta. For example in the past we had mordekaiser adc and even now we have miss fortune support. These off meta picks work and have been proven multiple times over and over. But when someone decides to go something wayyy off the meta then things get a little bit hectic in games.
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