I got banned, and I deserved it, but it does bring up a question I have

**How does the ban system really work?** So I got banned today for toxicity, and I certainly did deserve this ban. With roughly _493 question marks_ and some toxic, not deserved words towards the enemy team, I got banned for fourteen days. Though this brings up a question, why now? About four or five months ago, before I took a two month break from League of Legends, I was quite toxic, enough to most likely earn myself a perma-ban. All of the cases where I was toxic I can remember being much worse than nearly five hundred question marks (the question marks are due to a trick with your keyboard, I don't script). So I was wondering if now it's reports stacking atop my account, or if it was just the time to do it. So when I return in fourteen days I get to bring myself up from Dishonorable and get back to Honor 5!

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