Should I play to get better, or to have fun?

Hello! A while back I asked for advice on how to climb, got great responses and climbed from s5 to s2 in about 2 weeks, using warw. At my peickak, my mmr was g5 (supposedly on, and I had a 70-80% winrate. Literally as soon as I got to s2, my games got way harder. And I dont really mind playing against higher elo players, I do enjoy flex que only for that reason, because gold and plat players are better, and I can improve my lane mechanics. In solo q, I noticed that I would get someone who tilts and ints the game, an afk, or my personal favorite, some unranked scrub who has no idea what to do. I dropped to s3 and i played a little bit more ( which was a mistake) and got to s3 30 lp. Even in flex que, lately ive been getting more of the same, afk, inters, or unranked. So that leads me to the question, should i get really good to the point where i can 1v9 every game, or should I give up and play for fun because there is little point in climbing. Let me know what you think. If your advice is to get good, please tell me how, dont say farm better, because in lane i shoot for 70cs in the first 10 minutes, in jg, i tend to farm when i cant gank. How do you get better mechanically at the game, and please dont say smurfs do it, they are smurfs, they are good at the game, I am not. Lately I've just been getting more and more toxic and I feel like I should take a break to actually have fun while I game. Maybe I'll play overwatch or bloodborne till Smash Ultimate comes out lol.
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