i am toxic.

i do not know what to say here other that i get really angry with low elo. mostly low elo junglers and supports. first and for most i want everyone here to mute players that are toxic (like me) i am chat banned for being one of those people and i want to try and reflect on what i have done. my win rate is not the worse but i get angry with these players. do not argue with people like me just mute, however if you are playing a role that is responsible for controlling the map for example jungle or support listens to suggestions at the start of the game. there is no point spending time typing if its looking like a loss 100% (dont even ff) use that time to learn how you can stall the game out. you can use this knowledge to win future games by getting fed off of super minions. lastly i apologize to anyone on the rift that i have offended, and again do not argue with people like me just mute and forget about it.
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