Riot, I'm very sorry for my actions...

Im very sorry for the actions I have done to get me banned. I was just playing a normals game with my friends and i just wanted to make them laugh. I know being racist isn't a thing you should joke about but I'm really sorry. I will change my behaviour and will never ever be racist to this community again. This game is my childhood and i spent quite a bit of money on this account but that doesnt really matter. I just want to play with my friends again. I've been playing this game since grade 4 (Season 1) and i still love it. I started to rank in season 2 and I can give proof by showing the icons i got for being in silver. I remembered the old ranking system when it just went by your elo rating and the old twisted treeline that i would always play instead of summoners rift. I miss the old twisted treeline and i really think you guys should bring it back. It's amazing to see how this game changed so much over the years. Im very very sorry for being racist and i hope you guys can unban me. I doubt you guys will unban me :( . Im sorry riot.
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