Remove level indicator and mastery points on loading screen

Hi all, I don't know from where to start but here we go. I'm an Ahri OTP playing in EUNE server and since the loading screen interface changed I get a lot of negatives remarks from my mates and all my enemies (removing all chat doesnt help since your allies talk about all chat too) So the remarks are about my level (currently above 500+) telling me "I'm lifeless, I need to kms for playing this game etc" / me being an OTP (Ahri for my case ~1.4M) telling me "trash ahri main, 1M points cant do shit, cant land skillshots when I miss sometimes because yeh I'm not perfect etc" and also am subjet of alot of sexism (girls can't play, go to your kitchen, egirl, stop s*cking for skins etc in my ranked games :D) Starting a game and being judged that bad is so frustrating so I'm just posting that here, hopefully a Rioter will see and update the loading screen as it was before, xoxo Also, small ad, but you can find me on IG: Ahriiii_23 uwu {{champion:103}} Peace out! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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