When you go 85/1 in intermediate bots, and still lose.

So I just played a game of intermediate bots as Riven, and I was matched with 4 other players who are using some kind of bot or script or something to play the game for them. It was literally 1v9 the whole game, I got 3 pentakills, took 2 inhibs, and yet I still lost because the entire rest of my team was doing nothing but feeding kills and standing in jungle waiting for camps to spawn. Every player on my team had Smite and Exhaust. Every player on my team had the wolf Summoner Icon. What a nightmare. I really wish replays were enabled in this mode because if you saw how balls-to-the-wall I had to go to ALMOST win that game, you would understand when I say I don't wish that experience on any new player. tl;dr RITO PLS DO SOMETHING ABOUT AFK BOTS!
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