Is saying "muted and reported" a reportable offense ?What about advising one player to mute another?

TL;DR : title Hey, So I've only been for like a week or so, and already encountered my fair share of toxicity. Now I looked up a few info and I know that merely talking back can get you banned, so when someone is being toxic to me or another player for no reason whatsoever (I don't report people who call me an idiot when I just did something genuinely stupid), I'll just mute and ban them. However, out of curiosity I checked out the posts made by toxic people, in order to understand why they behave like that, and I noticed many don't even realize how toxic they are. So I like to say "muted and reported" in the hope that, first they'll stop being toxic at least to me because it would be pointless, and second they know they did something that may lead to a ban, so they'll be more careful. I know, it's a pipe dream, but I like to think it at least gives them a chance to correct their behavior before they get a ban. So I was extremely surprised to read here that calling for a report can get YOU reported. Which leads to my first question : does my habit of saying "muted and reported" can get ME punished (I know I don't get banned right away but still) ? But luckily, in most toxicity cases, I am not the one being flamed at. However, it kinda makes me sad to see other players talking back or trying to explain that they're doing their best, etc... Knowing that they may also be reported for it. So I like to also advise them to mute the offender. Is this cause for ban ?
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