Improving the punishment system suggestion

It was repeatedly pointed out that catching and punishing a griefer is hard. That includes, but is not limited to: - intentional feeders, many faces of them - people avoiding leaverbuster - people following you in the jungle, lasthitting your cs - Anivias and Tahm Kenches, picked specifically to have 0% winrate on oceania server Playing with with flamers sucks, but a match with one of these stops being league of legends and becomes a literal waste of time, most of the time. What is worse, Riot can't afford false-positives in these cases - a confirmed rumor that unskill gets banned would scare more players away than griefers would ever do. Here comes the tribunal...based on CSGO Overwatch system...which is basically the tribunal. In-client, purely game-play related system, relying on reports and AI to create cases and let players review them. With replays. I suggest having three categories of cases, which should not necessarily be displayed to our player-jury: 1. Red. AI can handle it by itself, can even be hardcoded. The most blatant running down mid fits here. 2. Yellow. Players displaying weird clicking patterns, which are very likely to be "trolling", but are not as clear-cut as red stuff. If such case is considered a violation of whatever you call it, it is an automatic punishment, an equivalent of current 2-week thingy. AI should be able to collect data and be able to figure out new behaviour patterns to Riot, based on punished cases, which may become red category if accepted. 3. Green . Players not displaying any suspicious patterns, but getting reported way too often. If deemed guilty by the community, such case is sent for review to Riot employee. Upon his decision either AI or community guidelines get updated, because one of them has made a mistake. Rewards to incentivise wasting your time should be compareable to playing the game itself. Pardoned cases have to be recycled through the system to filter out judges who spam "punish" and void their votes and reducing/removing rewards. Jusges should be high-level accounts, but rating, obviously, shouldn't matter. This system, if implemented properly, can require little to no manpower and will seriously drop the amount and intensity of griefing, eventually removing every griefer looking for attention, while having more potential to remove those who aren't, than the current one. Special thanks to Floo for inspiring the post.
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