one bad game, lose access to loot

oh well, time to buy another account considering now i'm stuck in a toxic queue get one troll 4 man queue and riot punishes me good thing i can get a new account to plat quicker than this shitty penalty will disappear Game 1 Recalescence: dont go in on her you're j4 you'll never win that Recalescence: you ulted out of your turret range Recalescence: yeah this is over Recalescence: shes untargetable and does the most dps in this game Recalescence: broken champs are broken Recalescence: nice shield Recalescence: more kills for fiora Recalescence: we wont win i cant carry this Recalescence: ... Recalescence: land something please Recalescence: 5v3 we still lost Recalescence: they're at scuttle Recalescence: wtf Recalescence: ... Recalescence: sure glad our support survived Recalescence: was 3v3 one died one ran Recalescence: 2nd dragon just given away for free Recalescence: for the exact same reason the first one was Recalescence: no it isnt Recalescence: nvm not worth arguing with a duoqueue troll group Recalescence: muting Recalescence: yep... Recalescence: third dragon gone for no reason Recalescence: i basically dont have a team Recalescence: riot needs to disabvle 4 man queues i swear Recalescence: reporting and muting leblanc too Recalescence: ... Recalescence: they troll me as a 4 man nmo sense in trying to smite fight Recalescence: the second you show they'd flash out Recalescence: i figured since they were on your team id try and see if i could be too Recalescence: they see enemy jungle and ignore for 50/50 smite Recalescence: id just like to be out of this game so i can report this 4 man queue for trolling me Recalescence: and most of them elise was a level up Recalescence: this was the first 50/50 smite i lost to an untargetable spider who can smite while untargetable Recalescence: again i go in and the team purposely runs out Recalescence: it might not be the j4 but the other 3 are definitely intentionally throwing Recalescence: gg Recalescence: i tried Recalescence: report the 3 man queue trolling me please
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