Alright I don't want to flame my team or I'll just get banned but... why do I have to get punished (by losing LP) when my teammate leaves and we eventually lose? Can we at least have only half reduced? Like.. I get it 4v5 is possible. But you can't just feed trynd 10/2 at 15 mins and then leave. Like that cant be allowed right? I know it's a pretty shit thing to do, blaming others for your low rank but... Really? you cant just leaavve the gammmeeee I know people have bad days and i understand, but if i go on your op.gg and you go 2/15 every game.. ehhhhh i'm starting to feel that classic LoL TILT. Edit: Kappa on the 10/2 thing it was more 3/0 at 10 mins
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